Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Full of Fail

Hello all.. it's been a little while since I posted. I don't really have an update on my weight loss other than

                                                                  I TOTALLY SUCK!

For real, I do. The last few weeks have been full of fail. I've exercised maybe a handful of times and I've probably eaten my weight in junk. I am not drinking as much water as I need to, not getting enough sleep, haven't been eating proper portions. I am not sure what needs to happen before I stop this destructive behavior.

But seriously, I feel like this guy...

                                   Any help or motivation is appreciated. Help a sister fight the fat.


  1. Kelli dear, it's so not easy.. As a mother, with a tremendous amount of responsibilities and jobs we have just being a wife and mommy... It's not easy. We tend to not put ourselves first, unselfishly making all others a priority before our health and happiness. The exception being when we're pregnant. Then all of a sudden trying to be healthy becomes super super important to us! I don't know if I can help you at all, but what I can offer is support and my own experiences. I huge hurdle of mine was breaking the emotional eating and late night eating. I was too busy to eat at all during the day and once the children we're tucked in, I'd gorge myself on anything and pass out. Not a recipe for perfect health. What I did was afterseeing a nutritionist, I made it a priority to eat when I feed the others. This made mew less likely to binge. Also, before my surgery I had to be on a liquid diet for a few weeks. This helped me appreciate chewing. And it helped me cut off my emotional tie to food (Happy or sad, Celebratory or my emotional salve) The next thing I did was slow down. Thoroughly chewing food, tasting every bite like it was my last, savoring it... THIS was huge. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full. Over eaters, after 20 minutes feel as though they may burst. Eating slowly, by the time 20 minutes was passed, I would be satisfied, and stop. My biggest hurdle was portion control, slowly eating would help, but I needed more help than that, so I was banded. Oh and getting divorced was a HUGE positive as well =) He was the reason why I would eat and cry and not care. It was terribly destructive behavior. Good luck kelli, it's not easy. But you have support all around you, and I even used to visit over eaters annonymous sites and forums... that wqas also helpful for me.

    1. I just saw this. Thank you so much Anna! You are inspiring to me and I appreciate your support and kind words. You have gone through so much over the years.